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B&A Brothers Driving Academy, LLC



B&A Brothers Driving Academy, LLC



B&A Brothers Driving Academy

Schedule of Fees

We offer an affordable payment plan! 

B&A Brothers Driving Academy provides comprehensive driving lessons and refresher courses.

B&A Brothers Driving Academy will provide you with a safe vehicle and a driving coach that will assist you to gain more driving experience.

You may choose from any of our packages that meet your need.

This fee is waived with payments using cash or check in-office during our business hours.



Driver's Education Class Cost: $350.00 (30 hours classroom instruction, 6 hours Behind the Wheel training)


MVA  Testing - $150.00 per test to the MVA location of Glen Burnie.

(All fees must be paid before testing and not refundable).

MVA Testing is unavailable on Fridays and is subject to availability


Driver Mentoring Packages:

60 hours package - $1900.00

40 hours package - $1,400.00

20 hours package - $760.00

10 hours package - $395.00

6 hours package - $240.00

4 hours package - $180.00

Private hourly driving lesson - $40.00 per hour and $80.00 for 2 hours. Minimum of two hours driving time required. 


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