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Online or In-Person Class Package: $350.00

**Payment Plan Available with a $100 deposit. Payment plans are nonrefundable.**


Behind the Wheel will be scheduled online 4 weeks after the class end date. The school has 18 weeks after the first class to complete the 6 hours of drive time. More details will be discussed on the first day of class. 

Ask us how!


An electronic invoice will be emailed to students within 24-48 hours once the form is received, unless the invoice is sent after close of business on Fridays (5pm). Payment in-office using cash or a check has the fee waived. If you are registering for the in-person class select the in-person class box ONLY or you will be registered for the online evening class.

Choose Your Payment Option (Choose 1)

Your registration has been sent to the office. Please allow 24-48 hours for an invoice to be sent to you. Thank You!


  $350.00: Includes Classroom Materials.

Payment Plan Accepted. ($100 Deposit for Payment Plan)

An electronic invoice will be emailed once registration form received. 

If you are on a mobile website, please switch to a desktop site, as the registration form will not be submitted if you are on mobile. Thank You!

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